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Citation Recurrent Training

Cessna Citation Recurrent Training

We have FAA designated PPE authority to perform FAR 61.58 “recurrent” checks in the 525, 680, and 750.

Gain the benefit of flying your airplane, at your airport.  Or, have some “down time” on a trip?  We’ll meet you at your destination, saving you time and expense!

All items in the Practical Test Standard are covered to ATP type-rating proficiency.

The training for the check can be brief or extensive depending on your needs.

The standard syllabus includes the following topics.

Citation Recurring Training – Day 1:

  • Detailed Systems Review
  • Associated CAS messages
  • Emergency Procedures Review
  • Limitations Review
  • Performance Planning
  • Electronic W&B
  • Unique equipment on your aircraft
  • Service experience do’s and don’ts

Citation Recurring Training – Day 2:

  • Recent checklist / AFM changes
  • CMF / uplink weather
  • Avionics differences, including WAAS / LPV approaches
  • Real-world flight planning, including APG departures
  • Proficiency Check – ground
  • Proficiency Check – air

What sets our Citation instructors apart is comprehensive in-airplane, real-world citation experience.

We provide safe, efficient, approved Citation training, at a fraction of the cost of a simulator-based event.

Call or email today for rates and availability.

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