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Aircraft Acceptance Evaluation

Each model of Citation has specific items that need to be tested.  Through our evaluation process each of the aircraft systems is checked in detail.  Check sheets for each model are reviewed in detail during the pre-flight check and the test flight.  Systems that were repaired or replaced are given a thorough evaluation. Read More>>

CE525 680 750 Recurrent Training

We have FAA designated PPE authority to perform FAR 61.58 “recurrent” checks in the Sovereign.

Gain the benefit of flying your airplane, at your airport.  Or, have some “down time” on a trip?  We’ll meet you at your destination, saving you time and expense!  Read More>>

Pilot Training and Mentoring

You have been to Flight Safety, got the type rating, your insurance company is happy with your training, but you just do not feel comfortable in the aircraft yet. Flight Safety training is primarily focused on elements required for the check ride not normal operations.  We can help you get the most from your investment with practical operational experience customized to you and your aircraft.  Read More>>

Citation Ferry

From Delivery or Service Center to your home, we can help you get your plane where you need it. Make your flight home positive and painless! Our Worldwide experience, operational approvals, and equipment make for one-stop-shopping. Read More>>

Citation Management

As an aircraft owner and operator you may not have time to track your own maintenance. We can design a program to fit your needs from maintenance tracking to contract fuel discounts and crew training. Call us and we’ll design a program for you.  Read More>>

Maintenance Supervision

It’s a good idea to be present supervising the maintenance performed on your aircraft. We can act as your agent to supervise your aircraft during maintenance. The benefits are great. Maintenance crews are less likely to be pulled off of your aircraft to work on a “drop in” when someone is overseeing maintenance. We can watch your aircraft come apart and go back together and make sure the time you are billed is accurate.  Read More>>

Citation Test Flights

We have extensive experience test flying Citations.  With over eight years as a Citation Production Test Pilot, we can safely assess the quality of workmanship performed on your aircraft.  With this experience comes the peace of mind that your new or used Citation will be reliable and safe.  Read More>>

Short Term RVSM Approval

Business Jet Consultants LLC has received FAA approval for  temporary RVSM.  This allows any United States registered N number aircraft to be ferried to your destination at optimum altitudes minimizing fuel stops and handling fees.

We also have approval for MNPS, RNP and BRNAV for operations worldwide without restriction.

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