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Business Jet Consultants, LLC announces Citation Recurrent Training from the Citation Experts

Wichita, KS.  Business Jet Consultants, LLC now offers Citation Recurrent Training on all models of Citations – from the earliest 500 to the Sovereign.  Todd Crist, founder of BJC, notes, “by teaming with FAA designated Pilot Proficiency Examiners, BJC, LLC is able to offer Citation Expert training for all Citation models.  Our training is fully customized, taught by instructors with a wealth of actual in-airplane experience, and extraordinarily convenient – we do the travelling, so our customers don’t have to.  At just 2 days including the check, it saves significant time and expense”.

“If pilots need practice with V1 cuts, this program is not for them.  But if their flying and instrument skills are solid, we can expand both their capability and knowledge.  Beyond systems reviews, we give the customer the latest service experience information, crucial do’s and don’ts, FMS techniques and shortcuts, and a frank, confidential assessment of risk in their operation.”

USAToday recently reported, “flaws in flight simulator training helped trigger some of the worst airline accidents in the past decade.”  In-airplane experience is vital for optimum safety in a Citation as well.  However, due to risk-aversion and inexperienced pilots, “Part 142” training organizations are increasingly reluctant to perform any in-airplane training.

Since the recurrent course leads to the same signoff for 61.58 proficiency, many customers use the service in lieu of a simulator-based recurrent.  Others find it valuable to alternate between simulator-based and in-airplane recurrents.  And finally, some operators opt to augment their existing simulator-based recurrents with the addition of in-airplane events.

Citation Recurrent Training is available on the 500, 501, 552, 550, 560, 510, 525, 525A, 525B, 525C, 560XL, and 680.

As the Citation Experts, Business Jet Consultants, LLC, provides comprehensive services for Citation aircraft, to include training, mentoring, delivery consultation, RVSM approvals and pilot service.  Business Jet Consultants pilots have decades of service working for the manufacturer, and thousands of hours performing flight testing and delivering aircraft to customers worldwide. For more information see our web page.

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